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Average time before order is shipped?


Silver Member
Oct 15, 2013
I searched the forums but couldn't find any threads about this recently. I submitted a show on Monday, October 5th. It's now Thursday, October 8th and the PC site doesn't show the order has shipped yet. This is my first order since reactivating, so I'm not sure what it has been, but this seems really slow.

So now I have a show on Monday, and the host of this show was a guest at a previous show and she won't have her order. So much for talking up what she got and how she is already loving it :-(.

I'd like to hear what everyone thinks is typical turnaround time for getting the orders shipped. If this is typical I think PC had better get with the jet age. Companies like Amazon have really raised the bar as it pertains to customers' expectations.


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Staff member
Dec 6, 2005
I find that shipping is usually within a few business days. I also find that my hosts often have the products on their doorsteps before the websites updates to shipped. Still, right now they're probably training holiday help. It may take a little longer than usual.