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At My First Show>>>>i Cut My Finger

Mar 13, 2006
Ok, don't laugh at me. But at my very first show I cut my finger. Thank goodness it was mainly family and they already know that I am a big klutz! Has this every happened to anyone else? It was that darn multi-grater....and no one bought one after i cut my finger on it cutting tomatoes!!

Well I did get three bookings but they aren't until Sept. I'm hoping to get some others after I send out a flyer telling everyone that I am selling.
Wish me luck and thanks for laughing with me.

It really did hurt by the way!


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Feb 17, 2006
Hey Tiffany, I was getting ready to get back to you and saw your post...I have not cut my finger at a show but, I know a lot of consultants have! I am a big klutz though and always spill or drop food at my hosts house, yikes!!!

As long as you just go with the flow it's not a big deal, we have all done silly stuff.


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Jan 1, 2006
I did that too!

Hi Tiffany!

I cut my finger as well at my very first show! And it was even sillier...I cut it with the utility knife (the one with sharpener in case) because I was holding the knife UPSIDE DOWN! As I was chopping celery, I pressed my finger on what I thought was the back of the blade and then wondered why it hurt! Then I realized I was holding the knife upside down...so embarrassing...but I cracked a joke about skin NOT being a part of the recipe and they laughed so I didn't feel so nervous after that.

At least it was all family/neighbors/close friends!

I think all of us have done something silly, since no one is perfect!

Good luck to you in your business!


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Mar 12, 2006
Yeah, that happens. The USG is VERY sharp!!! At least you were able to show off that aspect of the product :D. Anyway, make sure to use that from now on!