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At a Loss for Bookings



This is NOT new to me...but I am at a total loss for bookings this spring! I am a Future Director & have been busy getting recruits & training them. I know I have NOT emphasized much on getting bookings of my own...now I cannot get even get past hosts to commit to host a party of any kind.
I have taken some ideas from here to use as flyers, but I'm staggering.
I cannot believe I'm asking for help, but "HELP!"

Thanks! :confused:


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Oct 6, 2005
I live in a fairly small town.

The tellers at my bank know me and one of them who I usually deal with knows that I am a PC consultant.

I made a deposit on Saturday and purposely went inside the bank. Another teller was helping me since my teller was busy. When she was done with her customer, we started chatting. Well, wouldn't you know I just happened to have a few catalogs with me???? ;) I gave one to each of them and they also said I could leave a few on the table in the lobby!

I told them to call me if they wanted to order. You KNOW I'll be going back in there later this week to follow up!

Just one idea....

You could also revisit your list of 100 and GET ON THE PHONE!!


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Jan 19, 2005
I had a great January and things were looking slow for me for February. So I sent out an email to ask for bookings. In it I offered an 8 inch Executive Cookware pan to anyone who hosted a show in February and had guest sales of at least $500.00. I received one catalog show, but she did not quite hit the $500.00 mark. However, she did earn enough for the $40.00 kit credit and she purchased the 7 piece set of Executive Cookware. She ended up signing up with me! It really turned out to be very positive. So I suggest coming up with some kind of creative way to get bookings. Had I not sent out that email, I never would have booked a show and signed a recruit.


What about?

Trying an open house/mystery host event. Give extra chances to win for bringing guests as well as booking. I know my Spring has been slower because I've been recruiting as well and giving bookings off of the recruits show when she signs up.

Try focusing on the wedding market. Send out information on wedding registry and showers to everyone. Go into your local bridal stores, places that hold receptions and see if they will let you put out flyers or pass them along.

How about fundraisers. Party for a purpose! Offer extra incentives for bookings off of those shows.

Start booking for May. Really promote the pink! Everyone has someone in their life who is touched by cancer. Whether they book as a fundraiser or a cooking show promoting the Help Whip Cancer products they are raising awareness.

Good luck getting those bookings back on track!


Still at a loss...

First of all....THANKS to everyone's advice! :D
I have tried the Mystery Host before...never worked. Tried the open house...same. I've been on the phone, but people don't return calls. I cannot believe I'm dealing with this..after 6+yrs & having great sales in the past!
I will have to try to email everyone & BEG for bookings. I also tried the dollar days flyer, but that didn't really help. My main problem is there are other consultants in my area that are EXTREMELY pushy & they make customers feel that they are ONLY allowed to buy from them, since they attended their shows. It's almost like a "cult". I lost 3 super hosts in the fall to the one because the rep told them if they book, they MUST ONLY host their shows thru that same rep! We all know that's not the way it goes, but that's what they say.
What other advice can you all offer now? I'm just in total shock here.


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Jan 21, 2005
What about gettign yourself in a fair? That would give you a whole new list of leads. We all go through dry spells but you'll make it through! Just be sure not to let yourself sound desperate!