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Asian Show saturday - recipe tips?

Nov 5, 2005
I have not demonstrated the new asian fare yet. This sat will be my first time - Has anyone tried this and can you give me some tips as to what works, what doesn't, what would work better, etc...

Also, I am looking for a dessert to bring w/ the same theme. Any suggestions? :confused:


Novice Member
Oct 30, 2005
I've done the potstickers at a few of my shows. What I've found that works really well, is to recruit 3-4 people to come up and help me make them. Otherwise it will take forever to do all of them. It also gets them out of the seat and becomes an interactive show! The ones that have come up and helped me (so far) have bought all of the tools to make them at home themselves! (small scoop, pastry brush, large round stone & rack) Let them tell everyone what they like about the tools they are using! If it comes from friends, it's more believable than coming from us sometimes! :D

As for a dessert, I've done a microwave cake using the stoneware fluted stone. Not exactly asian, but it has gone over really well! Maybe you could make some sugar almond cookies. I've gone to chinese restaurants before and they have had them for the kids for a dessert. You might be able to find a recipe and use the cookie press for them?! :confused: