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As of last night I will get my last piece


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Jul 20, 2005
of the show to go. I'm sooo excited!!! I'm also going to be able to get the entertaining stripped set with my bonus bank..I have already received my two super starter month packages. I'm doing great with sales I just really need more bookings. I have 3 shows booked for november and one left for october. So far all the shows I have had are friends and family. Last night I was practically giving stuff away to get a booking. Right now I'm offering $5 more in free credit for every $100 in sales they get. How much better can you get then that. I'm also doing a drawing for a free large round stone or deluxe chz grater for anyone that has a show in october or november. I really want to fill up my schedule as much as possible. I got my first paycheck from last month and I really want to make that much every month.
Can you guys please give me some pointers on how you keep your bookings going? I'm afraid that once I get past my family and friends that I wont get much business. I was thinking about doing the dice game, or bringing products with me and if they like them and they book a party I will give it to them the night of the party. I'm doing soo good right now and want to keep it going.


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Oct 11, 2005
That sounds like good ideas! I am just starting and my SS1 is November. My
open house is this weekend and I am starting to get real nervous. I have
an extra measure-all cup & small scraper, so what I am doing is if anyone
books in the 1st 2 weeks of November they will get one of the 2 at there show as a gift. I also made up a host letter stating that if the host can get me bookings BEFORE the show they will get a serving spatula or mini whipper for free. I don't know if it's going to work, but it's worth a try! I am also doing the balloon thing, but I am making the balloons into spiders for a Halloween theme. And if you book a show, you get to pop a balloon, and get whatever it
says as a prize...Hope some of these ideas will help, I go most of them on this site.... ;)


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Jun 27, 2005
You are really doing well. Congrats! You have some great ideas, but if I may offer a tiny suggestion. Offer to give the host something for free, but don't give it to them until the night of their show. Some people will agree to book a show, get the free item and then cancel the show. Also, if you do it at their show, the guests will see it and may be more motivated to host a show of their own.