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April Fool's Day


May 24, 2005
Has anyone done an April Fool's Day show before? I have one booked and I have been searching for fun things to do but having no real luck. I thought about making the meatloaf cake and tricky taco salads that I found on the family fun website (or one of those) but I am unsure about it.

Just thought with all of you seasoned veterans out there, you might have a good idea for a fun April Fool's Day recipe(s) and possibly other party ideas.


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Feb 15, 2006
foolish things

Someone had a post on here awhile back about the guests sharing the most foolish things they had done in the kitchen. I thought that would be something fun to do at the beginning of the show. I'm doing that on my show on the 1st.


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Jan 19, 2006
Our local paper had some really cute ideas today. Here are a couple I can remember.

Cupcakes -- these were little meatloafs baked in cupcake papers in a muffin pan. They topped each with tinted mashed potatoes. Vary the colors for more fun. Cute!

Grilled cheese sandwich -- slices of angel food cake with cheese colored frosting. One angel food cake, loaf shape. 1 cup white frosting. Yellow and red food coloring. Cut cake into bread-like slices and toast just until golden brown. Stack two slices for each sandwich and cut the stack in half diagonally. Tint frosting with with several drops of yellow and one small dot of red till the color resembles cheese. Mound frosting on one slice of cake, then top it with the other slice, pressing gently together until the frosting oozes out to look like melted cheese.


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Jan 4, 2005
This is what I am doing at mine on Saturday. I demo-ing one of our regular recipes. I just think that is easiest and they are wanting to try the new recipes. For a game - as they arrive, I am going to pass out slips of paper and have each guest write down their name & the "most foolish thing they have ever done in their kitchen". Throughout the show I will have each person read what they wrote. That should get some laughs and lead to talking about our products maybe. As they read them, I will collect them in the batter bowl, then at the end, draw one out and that person wins a SB. Easy and I think it will be fun.