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Pampered Chef: "Apple" invites

  1. mom4angela

    mom4angela Member

    I have been trying to make invites with the invite icon provided for us with "Avery" suggested, but I have a Mac (APPLE) and it's just not working (or I might add that I'm NOT able to make it work). I really need help here is there someone that can help me? thanks in advance, Carol:eek:
    Jan 2, 2010
  2. cookingwithdot

    cookingwithdot Advanced Member Gold Member

    I hate Avery templates - they never seem to line up right. I usually get the measurements and just build my own templates ...
  3. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    It works for me, and I'm on a Mac. You do need to open the template in Acrobat Reader, not Preview, which is the default in OSX. And then, when you print, uncheck the Autorotate and Center checkbox.
    Jan 3, 2010
  4. terena


    This is good info. I am a brand new consultant, and I have a Mac. Thanks for posting.
    Jan 18, 2010
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