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Anyone who's used the roasting pan and rack please help!


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Feb 20, 2005
I know to use the rack with a turkey. But what about with a roast of beef? I don't use one when I normally make it but now I'm not too sure. And if I use the rack for the roast, what on earth do I need the meat lifters for? The rack would get it out of the pan. Am I just use the lifters to lift it FROM the rack to the carving board? Seems like a waste to me. Unless of course no rack for beef, use lifters to remove. Now THAT makes sense!

Please help. Making roast for a house full tomorrow noon! :eek:

(Should have put this post here in the first place instead of in the recipe tips section, sorry!)


Aug 7, 2005
Yes, use the rack for the roast....unless you mean you're doing a "pot roast"...which really isn't meant to be roasted because it's typically done in a covered pot. :) In any case, if the roast is such that it is suitable for dry roasting, then yes, use the rack. Use the meat lifters to transfer to carving board.

Hope your meal turns out great!


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Sep 13, 2005
Roasting Pan Ideas

Also remember that you can use the rack when roasting 2 chickens side by side. You can roast any cut or type of meat that you want to, but you need to use the rack when you are roasting. Roasting is actually done out of the meats juices; thus, if you don't use the rack than you are not actually roasting the meat. If you use a roaster that has a lid, you are not actually roasting the meat but steaming it.

I have also made a huge batch of lasagna in the pan, it turned out great! I cut the leftovers and froze them individually for lunch packs. Don't forget you can do enchiladas, big family cobblers plus much more!

As far as the meat lifters, a lot of people are going to purchase these that don't have the roasting pan with rack. But as far as the need for the lifters and the rack, I have used them to take the meat from the rack to the carving board! Makes it really easy without the fear of dropping that $50 prime rib on the floor!
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