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Anyone try Fluted Stone recipes in OTHER


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2005
stones? I don't want to wait for mine to arrive (just ordered from kit enhancement) ~ can I practive a microwave cake that is yummy, in another stone?

Feb 14, 2006
Susan, I think I know which recipe you are thinking of...the sunshine cake maybe?? I made this in a silicone fluted thing much like the PC one, but of course, silicone. It worked pretty well just two things I didn't like, 1: the silicone fluted pan is a pain in the butt to clean and 2: the recipe wasn't all that sweet so I would have added some sugar to the sour cream. It is good though and you will love it! My grandma has the fluted stone and I sent her this recipe to make for my grandpa and he LOVES it in the morning with some whipped cream and his cup o'joe as he says. Have fun and good luck!