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Pampered Chef: Anyone make a new queen of shoppers?

  1. sunnygirl in nd

    sunnygirl in nd Member

    I was hoping to use it tonight and tomorrow night at my shows but I can't find a new one...:(
  2. ChefLAM

    ChefLAM Member

    Click on the Increasing Sales link and there is one under there. HTH!
    Sep 1, 2009
  3. ChefLAM

    ChefLAM Member

    Here is what was put together. There are some variations for some of the lines so if you go under the Increasing Sales link you can see what the other suggestions were.

    Queen of the Shoppers F/W 2009

    Let’s play a game, with this gift I will part, if you were the first to arrive, that’s where it starts
    You think that this gift is intended for you, but I have another idea or two.

    So settle in with your catalogs and try not to chatter
    As you all start searching for the Snowmen Rectangle Platter (11)

    Once you see this you’ll just want to give it
    To teachers and friends, it’s the Round Up from the Heart 2009 Trivet (15)

    Has misplacing your scissors brought you to tears,
    have no fear, check out our new Professional Kitchen Shears. (29)

    Wine and Cheese your favorite...I'll bet,
    Just wait ‘til you pair them up with our Beaded Cheese Bistro Set (10)

    Can't slice a tomato to save your life?
    Try our Forged Cutlery 4 ½” Serrated Knife (27)

    Oh how we love our Prep Bowls...but wait, have you met
    their BIGGER buddies the 2-Cup Prep Bowl Set (43)

    When checking the weather, look at your barometer
    When checking your roast, try the Digital Pocket Thermometer (15)

    Keep an eye out for the Math Equation Bandit....
    he'll be spotted stealing our Easy Conversions Magnet (43)

    Everyone LOVES our Stoneware but now let's step up and meet
    our brand new Metal Cookie Sheet! (39)

    For cocktails and parties, you’ll be the champion drink-maker
    Whenever you use our Ice Bucket and Shaker (9)

    If you can't be like Rachel Ray and eyeball it, don't fret
    measuring is easy with our Measuring Cup Set! (42)

    Icing, sprinkles and sugar will dress
    our yummy treats from our redesigned Cookie Press (38)

    Shrimp cocktail, and desserts are two uses,
    you will find for our NEW Dots Martini Glasses (9)

    Your dinner prep will be painless
    when you select one of our Open Stock Stainless (17)

    Come on everyone...let's make meal prep fun
    with Weekday Dinners-DONE! (37)

    The Pampered Chef is not just about cooking as it seems. Our consultant opportunity makes a reality of your dreams. Find our New Consultant Business Opportunity Page (back cover) (Talk about the new $65 mini kit, too)

    Now the Queen of Shoppers will stand above the rest, find the
    (______________(pg. ) ), one of __________'s Hostess Specials) and you’ll keep this new Fall/Winter Season’s Best
    Sep 1, 2009
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