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Bookings Anyone done a press release?


Jul 2, 2007
I'm not sure if this is the right place to even put this! If not, I'm sorry!! :blushing:

But, I submitted the press release on cons. corner, but my husband who does press releases for his business all the time said that it was NOT going to get picked up here in our town because it was too boring - not to mention the title was very long and wordy. (umm. . like most of my posts!)

Anyway, I looked at the policies and procedures and I'm pretty sure that we can submit a press release as long as it's not to one of the top 100 newspapers, and we follow the other rules about our job title, etc.

I'm just curious if anyone's done it and if you got any kind of response?


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Oct 15, 2008
I've used one of the press releases. It got ignored by most of the people I sent it to. However, I did get a writing "deal" out of the press release for one of the small (very local) monthly magazines. I get to write and get a discount on ads.


Jul 2, 2007
Yeah, if I were an editor looking at the thousands of press releases that came in every day, I don't think I'd pick the one the company put out either - it's good info, but just really boring.

My husband seems to think that if I did a little more personal one. . . "A local businesswoman, Kimberly Rackley, is making this economy work for her by working for herself . . . . " or something like that, it would get snatched up really fast, since that's what people are reading these days.


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Dec 6, 2005
My local paper has never printed mine, but that doesn't keep me from submitting them. :)


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Jan 26, 2007
Just got out of a 2-day Public Information Class...PC ones can be wordy, but you cannot change them. That is what PC wants out. Some markets may take them, some may not. All depends on the news day and what they have going. But, release them to the media...TV, newspaper, other and give it a shot. You can't fail if you don't try and you can't succeed if you don't try either!


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Nov 6, 2007
Newspapers do not charge for news. That is what ads are for. In other words, there is no such thing as a "free ad." An ad, by definition, is something you pay for.

Those of who who know I am a newspaper writer and editor know that I have some "inside knowledge." I would NEVER print one of those releases, nor any other ones for direct sales. The reasons are simple ... there are dozens if not hundreds of people who have direct sales jobs and if we print one, we have to print them all. We won't run a release saying, "Jane Smith sells Pampered Chef." However, we might run one about a promotion or something unique.

Not to mention that newspapers these days are very short on space. Every additional page costs money and with ad revenue down, the news hole is getting smaller and smaller.

Time to stop talking shop on my vacation!