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Anyone do NON-BRIDAL gift registries?


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Mar 5, 2009
I would really like to offer this service to my customers- basically a wish list they fill out and then I would contact whoever they designated (i.e. spouse, children, etc. etc.) around their bdays, holidays, mother's day, etc. to let them know what is on their gift registry/wish list.

I'm wondering how exactly you work it... what tips do you have, how to you explain it to your customers, and do you have any documents you can share on this? TIA!! :chef:


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Feb 6, 2008
I have not yet done so, but I want to implement it. I bought the large Post-its with lines on them, and stick them on the front of the catalog. I write "Wish List" at the top and encourage them to fill it in. When filling out the prize drawing slip, I can let them know to write down the name of who they would like me to contact, and the occasion. The wish list also helps me see who wants more than they can afford.

I haven't actually been able to do this yet, but that's my plan :D


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Jan 20, 2008
I will post a person's wish list on my website under New's and if someone wants to purchase something they call me and then I'll update the list. I've only done it once but everyone loved the idea.