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Pampered Chef: Any tips for remembering the Guest Special when someone gives you their order?

  1. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    Ok...I'm usually so scattered brained when closing my shows with guests. There is always a flurry of things going on, and I seem to forget to check and make sure folks have chosen the Guest Special item if their order qualifies for it.

    I'm closing out a show from over a week ago, and two of the ladies had qualified for the guest special but didn't select anything, and I missed it! Well, actually just one was AT the show. The other was an outside order before it. So now I have to call them.

    What do you guys do to help yourself remember those? I wish P3 had a little pop-up box or flag symbol on the GUEST name- that if they qualified for the special, I'd see it then...NOT when I was getting ready to submit. But since it doesn't, what do you do? Looking for tips so I don't have to look like the dunce-consultant. :)
    Aug 11, 2009
  2. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    well, I always talk it up at the show to encourage larger orders, so I never forget it!

    I also keep a copy of the current guest special flyer in my bag that I use for my checkout stuff, so I put that out on the table when doing checkout.
    Aug 11, 2009
  3. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Legacy Member Gold Member

    When I'm totaling their orders at check out & see they are over 60.00 I ask them what would they like.....
    Aug 11, 2009
  4. taterbug

    taterbug Member

    Before I put my OOF in the host packets, I highlight everything I want filled out and noticed, including the section in the middle of the form where the guest special is to be written in (I don't highlight the entire section, just the line where it says Guest Special and the description). At shows I use the 3 part order form; when I receive a new supply of those I go ahead and stamp my information on all of them and I take the time to highlight the line that says Guest Special. By highlighting the forms, I am hoping that it will not only remind me, but will help the guest realize that if they spend just a couple more dollars, they get the special.
    Aug 11, 2009
  5. SpiritdancerIA

    SpiritdancerIA Member Gold Member

    Well, how I've handled it (since I have done the same thing):

    Call the Guest - if you get a machine, say "I was reviewing your order and I've got a question. Call me at xxx-xxxx"

    When you talk to them, say "When I was reviewing your order before turning in the show, I found that you get a free (guest special). Your choices are x, y, z. Which would you like?"

    First part get them to call you back; second shows you're looking out for your customers, and (s)he's going to get something free. Win-win!
  6. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    I handle the calls the same way as Melissa.

    At the shows one way I try to remember is to keep a copy of the guest special in sight. It usually helps.
    Aug 11, 2009
  7. JennLizFran

    JennLizFran Member Gold Member

    Great idea! And give me an excuse to use my new free highlighters!!!
    Aug 11, 2009
  8. chefsteph07

    chefsteph07 Legacy Member

    Have the actual guest product sitting in front of you at checkout.

    This month it's cookbooks, have one or two of them sitting next to you so you remember, and also so THEY remember. Got a tip from conference that if you put the guest special in front of you like candy in a check out aisle, it is like impulse buying as well and if that guest is at $55 or whatever, you can point out that if they spend just a little more they can get X for free. Sometimes it boosts the hosts sales.
    Aug 11, 2009
  9. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I agree with the version of the phone call Melissa mentioned. If by some chance it is an outside order and they didn't choose and item AND you don't have a phone number (because that happens sometimes) I usually just choose the most popular item and they are happy to get it for free.
    Aug 11, 2009
  10. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    Great idea! Plus, if they forgot, they can flip through what I have (I don't have all of them, but most!) and make their selection.

    I did also highlight the Monthly Guest Special section on the 3-ply receipts (I never noticed it before!!)
    I'll figure all the little things out eventually. It seems every show, I learn one more important thing that I need to correct. I think by show #100, I should have it down pat! :D
    Aug 11, 2009
  11. Grandmarita

    Grandmarita Advanced Member Gold Member

    If you had to make the Cookbook choice for them, you cannot go wrong with ALL THE BEST. I love the Wreaths section in particular. The entire book has a nice variety of recipes.
    Aug 11, 2009
  12. chefsteph07

    chefsteph07 Legacy Member

    All the Best is always my personal recommendation as well.
    Aug 11, 2009
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