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Any south beach diet recipe's

Mar 11, 2005
a posible host of ours is on the South Beach diet and I was curious if theres any known recipes for that type of diet
Mar 25, 2005
Its Good For You

Depending on the type of show the hostess wants you can check out the Its Good For You cookbook from The Pampered Chef. If you are not familiar with the SouthBeach Diet it is low carb high protein diet. It works well to drop weight quickly. The new chicken curry recripe that could be salad or stir fry might be a good idea. Good luck to you.
Mar 5, 2005
Here are some recipes that are low carb:

Mexican bean dip
Spinach and Crab appetizer squares
Asian-style wontons
Layered sun dried tomato dip
Fiesta Cheese torta

These are all under 10 carb grams per serving.


Sep 5, 2005
Some South Beach Suggestions

I thought of having "South Beach Diet" as one of my theme shows. For recipes I just looked through the South Beach Cookbooks to find recipes that would fit with showcasing PC products and could be done in half an hour for Kitchen Shows.

I thought the Veggie Quiche Cups to Go would work in any of the muffin pans, with the Food Chopper and Deluxe Cheese Grater. This recipe has frozen spinach, eggs, diced onion, diced green peppers and grated cheese.

For sweet tooths maybe the Flourless Chocolate Cake. Using the Batter Bowl, Food Chopper, Whisk to name a few. I do not have a cake pan so I have to experiment with this one. Perhaps the springform pan, skillet or even a stoneware piece. This recipe calls for cake flour, butter, cocoa powder, chopped almonds, sugar substitute, sour cream, eggs, whipped egg whites. There is also a Lemon Cookie recipe that looks good.

South Beach gets you to stay away from sugars, flours, breads, rices, etc. in the first phase. In phase 2 and 3 you can start adding those things in limited amounts. I am not an dietician so check out the diet itself for more information. The Veggie Quice recipe is in the South Beach Diet (blue cover) book and the other two are in the South Beach Diet Cookbook (orange cover)

I also saw a dip recipe somewhere that called for sour cream, mayo, Dill seasoning and some other chopped veggies. I will experiment with this one using low-fat foods. Then just get chopped veggies for dipping - brocoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, red/yellow/green peppers, celery, etc. Just stay away from high sugar veggies like carrots.

Again, just look for recipes that fit and try them out before you do a presentation.

I hope this gives you some ideas.


Sep 5, 2005
Oops, correction to recipe

Oops, I made a typo.

In the Flourless Chocolate Cake there is NO CAKE FLOUR.

I was looking at the Lemon Cookie recipe while I was typing this.

Sorry for any confusion.


Feb 25, 2005
too funny. I was just trying to come up with some ideas for this themed party. I am actually on this diet and it is more good carbs, low fat. We do not count carbs like on Atkins. It is no where as strick at Atkins which is good for me b/c I am not that controlled. I am in the process of getting my recipes together, as soon I do I will post them. If you want me to? It will be a few days though b/c I am not able to get on here a lot b/c of my 3 little ones plus I have an Aunt who is in here final days of cancer so it could be delayed a little.


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2005
Cynmcconnielpc said:
Depending on the type of show the hostess wants you can check out the Its Good For You cookbook from The Pampered Chef. If you are not familiar with the SouthBeach Diet it is low carb high protein diet. It works well to drop weight quickly. The new chicken curry recripe that could be salad or stir fry might be a good idea. Good luck to you.

Actually South Beach is not low carb (the 1st 2 weeks are void of pasta, rice, breads, but carbs are not limited - there are many in vegetables. It's a detox phase meant to only last 2 weeks). After that in phase two you can eat complex carbs (unprocessed, natural fiber, 3 grams or more). Just pop in here and you'll get quick summaries of "foods to enjoy/avoid" & an easy to follow meal planner http://messageboards.ivillage.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=iv-fbsouthbeach&msg=16615.1&ctx=0 The phase 1 info is there too. I hope you don't mind the correction. I was a board leader for the south beach board on ivillage for 2 years, and there was a lot of misunderstandings about the way of eating.


Sep 5, 2005
South Beach Cookie Recipe

I experimented with the Lemon Cookies, and they turned out great. Here is the recipe translated to PC products.

The dough has to chill for atleast an hour so this is a make-ahead recipe to take to the Kitchen Show or even Bridal Show.

South Beach Lemon Cookies:


1 1/4 cup cake flour
3 tablespoons sugar substitute (I used Splenda)
3 tablespoons confectioners' sugar (icing sugar)
1 1/2 tablespoons grated lemon peel (about two medium lemons)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 cup trans-free margarine (I used Becel)
1 egg, beaten
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (about half a lemon)
1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar for dusting


Using Small Mix 'N Scraper in Classic Batter Bowl combine flour (in Measure-All Cup), sugar substitute and 3 tablespoons confectioners' sugar (using Adjustable Measuring Spoons AMS), grated lemon peel (haven't figured this one out yet - I used my old box grater), and baking powder (again AMS).

Add margarine (in Measure-All Cup) and mix with Pastry Blender until course crumbs form. Add egg (beaten in Prep Bowl or Small Batter Bowl with Stainless Mini Whisk) and lemon juice (use Juicer and AMS). Mix with Small Mix 'N Scraper until a dough forms. Cover bowl with lid and refrigerate the dough for atleast 1 hour, or until firm.

Pre-heat oven to 350F. Use Large Round Stone with the Large Rack.

Using the Small Scoop, shape the dough into 1" balls and place them 1" apart on the Large Round Stone. (All 24 cookies fit).

Bake for 10 minutes, or until the cookies are golden. Remove the stone from the oven and with the Flour/Sugar Shaker dust the cookies with the remaining confectioners' sugar. Cool on Stackable Cooling Rack.

Makes 24 cookies.

Note: this recipe is in Phase 3 of the South Beach diet. Here is the nutrition info per cookie: 50 calories, 2 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 1 g protein, 8 g carbohydrate, 0 g dietary fiber, 10 mg cholesterol, 40 mg sodium.

Again, these cookies tasted great, smelled very lemony, and got my kids approval. I will make them again, but in a double batch... or more.

(What to do with the leftover 1 1/2 lemons? I sliced them thinly and put them into a pitcher of water and stuck it in the fridge.)