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Any San Antonio, TX consultants?


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
I was wondering if there were any San Antonio, TX consultants on here. Not that I don't like talking to people from all over, I was just wondering! I have a show this Sat. and need the new chillzane round server that transforms into an S. I should have ordered my sample kit already but I just wanted to wait to make some money on commission this month. And I did!! :D
WE can't afford any extra expenses. I wanted to borrow this from someone in SA.
I always borrow things from my directors who have everything in the catalog but I was too slow this time in getting this so it's been taken from someone else. I know this is an extraordinary favor but I really want to show it to a customer who wants to see it before she orders it. This show was so last minute, she called me Wed. for a show tomorrow. I can't seem to find any consultants in my cluster who have this.

If not well it was worth a shot!! Thanks! ;)