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Any ideas for a Bar show?

Jul 22, 2004
I have gotten requests for a "Bar Show". I think it would be great. Drunk people buying stuff. How fun would that be? :D

I know we have a wine bottle opener, a beer bottle and can opener, the mini whipper, and the quik stir pitcher. Anything else?


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Apr 14, 2004
Don't forget the bar board, self sharpening utility knife, and zester scorer for the fruit decorations that go with the drinks! Plus the silicone trivet for opening twist offs.
Sep 1, 2004
don't forget the simple additions (bowls, stands, plates) ... for the cherries, limes, olives and other garnishes.

"beer" bread... lol.. you can use the crock for a chilled wine bottle holder. Serving tongs.. for those olives and such. Easy Accent decorator.. for adding whip cream to the "frou frou" drinks...

Bamboo or nylon tongs for ice.. or the serving tongs... such a selection. :)

*still thinking*

Hope that helps.. What a fun show to do. Good luck.



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Apr 13, 2004
Chef Success's own creator has a great idea!

Our host, DebPC has used what I think is a really fun idea known as a Dip & Sip.
Using all the products mentioned by other Pampered Chefs and more.
I recently did one of these shows and ended up with a $647.00 show total with, get this, only 9 people attending the show. It is also a great "Express" show.
Host coaching again is a key. I told the host that each guest should bring their favorite wine to share, they should arrive by 2 and there would be food at 2 and a drawing by 2:05, eat, discuss, then my formal presentation would begin at 2:15. I let the host introduce guests to each other and they took it from there discussing products they each liked or wanted to buy and why. I started at 2:15 per the plan. I was done by 2:40. The guests asked questions and I was doing orders by 2:55. I left Kristi's at 3:30 with $647.00 in orders and two shows booked, WITH DATES!!! I was there all of 2.25 hours. Much better than the 3.5 to 4 I usually would be in someone's home. 1) I preped three "dips" at home. I took me all of 45 minutes!! I placed them in the respective serving bowls of the Entertaining Set, of course, wrapped them in foil. At Kristi's I unwrapped and placed them on the serving table.
1) This was in August so of course, out came our great spice blends.
Salsa Fresca with the recipe from the Southwestern Seasoning, Dill dip is not one to miss with vegies. I also created a Rosemary Herb Spread. This is a combination of the Dill Spread from the Dill Mix but I subsituted in the Rosemary Herb Blend. Simply served with slices of Itialian bread, (the long really skinny loaves), on the Entertaining Set Sage Rectangle. Spread was in a Small Bowl from the Entertaining Set with our Spreader. That could be topped with fresh sliced cucumber and tomato sliced on the USG in view of customers coming in. Then another spread of two cans tuna, drained, 2 tablespoons of Asian Seasoning, and I have to admit I did not measure this but a bit each of sour cream and mayo. Just use enough of each to make the tuna the consistancy for sandwiches.
2) To make it even more special, Apricot Baked Brie was in the oven as guests arrived and was ready about 5 minutes after they started to arrive. I had preped everything at home. All I did was wrap the ingrediants in the crescent roll dough, cut out the shapes and threw it in the oven. Cored & wedged 4 apples, two red, two gold. I mixed the "filling" at home.
3) As the guests arrived, Kristi opened wines with our Wine Bottle Opener as guests watched me prepare the extras for the spreads. She introduced everyone as they arrived, told them to grab a plate. We arranged also for Kristi to hand out order forms, catalogs, pens and drawing slips. Show time was 2:00 p.m. We had our drawing at 2:10. By 2:15, I had everything set so I could talk about the opportunity and the products I used and what our guests loved! Between the wine and the food, they were having a very good time. (I even booked two shows, WITH DATES as I mentioned earlier, because of the shortness of the show it self).
I have to admit, I do go overboard with most of my shows when I prep at home. I have more time to prep so I end up with alot of food. But I do not do major quantities. Not much food was left when all was said and done. And the brie went completely!!! The cost to the host was an agreeable, $17.00 and some odd cents. She was grateful as I shop at Aldi's and I did the work!
You can do the same with a "BAR" show. Great thing is, high priced items are the key here too. USG for Lemon slices, the Entertainging Set for olives, cherries and what ever else. Use one of the griddles to "toast" the "host", PUN INTENDED, and what a great way to intro the cookware!
And you would be remiss if you did not do some kind of food in a stone. Hot Pizza Dip or the Celebrations variation of the Baked Brie that uses the cream cheese and jalapenos and New Stoneware!! And no one said you have to make dips. Store bought dips and a few bags of chips in the Entertaining Set or Simple Additions makes a wonderful presentations. For the guys, I found a combo they like, The Large Simple Additions Bowl filled with potato chips and a Small bowl placed in the corner filled with Onion Dip. I cut a small square of that non skid drawer liner to place under the bowl so it does not slide as easily. I know someone who likes their Matini's stired and not shaken. One Quick Stir Pitcher Please! And she really does use that! She fills it for company and that's usually all it takes is one pitcher full!
Imagination runs rampant with P.C. so, let your self go wild!
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Sep 16, 2004
Also, the Chillzanne Cooler! Keeps the ice cold and a bottle of some sort at the same time. also comes with nylon serving tongs.