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Any Creative Ideas??

Nov 13, 2005
Hey there everyone! I am wondering if any of you have any creative
ideas about something that I could borrow. LOL

My son's pre-K class is having a Christmas party tommorrow. I am going
to bring some sort of treat, like candy canes, for the little munchkins
in his class. They'll just go home with them.

What I want to do is introduce myself, and my involvement with Pampered
Chef. I am just not sure what to say...or what incentive to give. I
want to let them know I'm their Pampered Chef lady. LOL I want them to
know I sell, but also give them an incentive to book with me...as I
have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the books right now.

Any help or ideas as to what I could attach to the candy canes would be
GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!


Gold Member
Nov 9, 2005
A thought!???

You could put on there something like: If you would like to see something sweeter than this...contact me for a Pampered Chef book! It is getting rather late. Or maybe just punch a hole in a business card, run some ribbon through it, and tie it around the candy cane stating it is from "your child's name" and his family (or mom)? I am now referred to as Tanner(age 6) and/or Tori's(age 2) mom so I am sure you are the same way. It don't take long for you to loose your name.lol I wish you well with the kids tomorrow! OBTW...have you ever thought about doing a small cooking demo like out of the kids cookbook and making it an art project and inviting the moms in as assistants. I did my son's 6th b-day party with the cupcakes out of that cookbook and it was a huge success booking 2 shows as well.

Angela Roark
Future Director
Corning, AR