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Any Advice for First Timer?


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006
I will be signing up tomorrow and am a nervous wreck about my first few shows. My Consultant recommends I have my own show at my house. I feel if I do that then those I am asking to do shows will be at my show and wont buy? So any advice on how to talk your friends into doing a show? Are book shows worth it? guess its better than nothing right? (Can you tell I'm nervous? lol)


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Sep 7, 2005

Congrats on your new PC business! When I started 4 months ago I wrote a letter to all my friend and family telling them my story and why I chose PC. I asked them if they would help me out and (highlighted all the host rewards) & I got 13 bookings from them!

I too also had 2 Grand openings (Mystery Host) for them to come check out my new venture and some of those who booked also came for support.

Good luck! YOu can do what ever you want, it's your business to run as you like it! :)


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Jul 21, 2005
I also sent out a letter to family and friends and got some bookings to help me start my business. Some would only do catalog shows but just about everyone who said they would love to help me did purchase at my show and then booked a show. If you call too and let them know how excited you are about starting a business with a great company that has wonderful products that won't leave you high and dry when you have a problem and what great rewards they have for consultants and hosts and customers I'm sure they will feel your excitement and book shows too so they can reap in the rewards.

Good luck and happy you came to a great resource on the web! This sight is awesome and has lots of advice and great friends to share and learn from.

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Me too.....

I signed up and JUST received my Starter Kit last week, you will LOVE that...it was sooo exciting....
Now, I have cooked more food on the Large round stone...LOL....it is AMAZING.....
MY first show will be here at my house, I figured it would be nice in my own kitchen so I won't have as much anxiety :p
I've called everyone I can think of....did up my post cards and got the idea from Heat123 of the Mystery Host and did my party that way, it is a Sunday Brunch.....
I'm soooo nervous too, I am an average woman in an average kitchen BUT now with professional tools and cookware, and I'm finding my imagination in the kitchen too.....This morning, don't laugh (okay go ahead)....I woke up, went to the fridge, had my stone out, grabbed a tube of Grands Biscuits and wondered how it would work if I just used my roller and made a pizza crust and made a breakfast pizza? Well, off I went, rolled and rolled just right, put on some spaghetti sauce (yes jar sauce ;O) Scambled up some eggs in the large batter bowl, grated 3 different cheeses with the cheese grater, chopped up some green bell peppers, cooked the crust with the sauce on 350 for about 15 min. till it was golden brown, put on the eggs, the cheese and topped with Peppers, cooked it for about another 15 min. Until it was a darker brown, not burnt, but now undercooked....and woke my husband and my son to taste test....they liked it, it needs to be tweaked, but with some imagination, I'm sure I'll find some more stuff to put on it.....
So when you get that kit, experiment, grab everything out of the pantry and cook up a storm.....
We just got back from vacation....I took the big box the starter kit came in and packed ALL my PC stuff and took it up north to NH and cooked like crazy....

I just hope my show goes well, I'll keep ya posted, I've got Kitchen Butterflies.....

We'll both have a ton of laughs and fun....oh, my 1st bad lesson, the utility knife, VERY SHARP....make sure you open it and close it and sharpen it the way the instructions state, I had a little boo boo :eek: on the outside of my finger, but hey, I was smiling..... :p

Much success to you.....just have lots of fun......


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Feb 17, 2006
A lot of new consultants choose to have their first show at their house but you don't have to if you already have all of the shows you need. When I started I choose to have the first show at my house so that at the very least I was in a comfortable environment for that first show. Not a lot of people bought products because they were about to host a show for me, but I did get some sales I think the show was like $340 or around there. But, low show sales or not I felt good because I did my first show and it was done, never again to have a first show! One of the best parts of this business is that you can do what you feel comfortable with, just because you get advice doesn't mean you have to use it, this is your baby...do what you feel is the right thing to do for you.


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Feb 25, 2006
Thanks Andrea!

You are so right. I think I would feel more comfy in my own home. I'm sure I'll get some sales and I guess just getting it going and feeling comfortable is what I should be concerned with. :) Thanks!


Feb 1, 2006
I also sent out letters to family and friends and became somewhat disappointed when very few people responded. I decided to give most of them a call and was glad I did because a lot of them booked shows or sent me orders. My advice would be to call or follow up a letter/email with a call.

But a word of caution when dealing with family/friends it can be frustrating. My future sister-in-law was very excited about her show or so she kept telling me (she use to sell about 5 years ago) so I thought it would be a good one. I did the host coaching and was horrified the day before the show when another relative let it slip that she (sister in law) hadn't even invited anyone yet!!! Needless to say only three people showed and her show holds my record for lowest sales. March will be my SS month 2 and I have now been able to branch away from my family/friends.