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Another question


May 16, 2005
you guys are so great......my director isn't available this weekend. I had a lady bring me her broken bamboo tongs at a show today. She bought them from another show I did a couple of months ago so I have her receipt. What do I do now? Fill out the certificate of guarantee or send an email or both? How long will it take for her new ones to get to her?


Fill out the back of the receipt as thoroughly as you can then send the broken tongs in with the receipt. Put it in a little envelope. It shouldnt take too long for her to get them back--a week or two.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
The little Bamboo Tongs are only $2 and I wonder if it'll cost that much just to ship the broken ones in. If it's more, it may be easier just to have her buy new ones. I know that defeats the purpose of the guarantee to have it replaced, but if she (or you) has to pay shipping on it you'll end up spending that anyway. Just a thought. :)
May 27, 2005
need a reference number

You need to call customer service and get a reference number now. Then you have to put the reference number in the receipt and the outside of the package. This is what we have to do for all returns. They can do it themselves but it isn't a toll free number for them to call.

I agree that they might but cheaper to buy. Don't forget that you can get them on the supply order for less than $2 a pair.


Apr 20, 2005
I had a guest just recently who had broken tongs that she needed replaced. I did the product adjustment online, printed a copy with the reference #, and mailed that along with the tongs in a standard envelope with just a 37 cent stamp (went to post office and had them weigh it first). Just had to write on it "Hand Stamp". The guest received her replacement in just over a week.