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Another Pampered Partner Question!

Sep 6, 2005
HELP!! My recruit had her first show Saturday night. It went fairly well (I was there with her for moral support, etc.) Anyway, a couple people ordered things they wanted to use for Memorial Day. We told them it wasnt likely to arrive before then, but we were hoping we could pleasantly surprise them and get it to them on time. The problem is that even though my recruit has her show ready to close, she doesn't have her Debit card # yet (she didn't submit the application until last week and they said it isn't likely she'll have it before Friday or so of this week). Is there anyway to submit the show electronically without a debit card? I saw an option for a check there but I'm not sure how that works - is it an electronic check or would she have to mail it in? I thought of letting her use my debit card # but I'm not sure that's a good idea or if it would even work - I don't want to say I don't trust her but to be honest I haven't really known her all that long. Does anyone know what I can do?? (I don't have access to my Recipe for Success right now or I'd gladly look it up).


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Jun 24, 2005
Can't you on your first shows, but it on your Credit Card, so the new recruit could put it on her credit card until her PC debit card comes through??



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Feb 24, 2006
she can call the home office and get her debit number
call 1 800 449 2433 and push the finance option, they will give you the number for your debit card.


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Jan 19, 2005
I recently had a new consultant who did not have her debit card number when she was ready to submit her first show. Home Office told me a new recruit can use her/his non-Pampered Chef credit card for payment for her/his first six shows.
Sep 6, 2005
I tried that (using her own credit card) - she kept saying she couldn't submit using a non Pampered Chef credit card. I'm thinking I might have her go in and put her credit card number on each individual order as payment (just as if the customer used his/her credit card). I think I did that with my first show and it worked but I can't remember.


Mar 24, 2006
When I started in March, I needed my debit card before I had received it. I too, called the home office financial department and they gave me the debit card number over the phone. Was no problem at all.