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Announcing Website

Aug 15, 2005
Is there a way to send out a mass e-invitation to your contacts to let them know that you now have a website. I kind of wanted something that looks real professional like the invitations and reminders that are already on the site. Any Suggestions? Also I want to make up a flier to pass around the neighborhood to let them know too. But I did this once when I first started with no response but I thought maybe a website announcement would have a better outcome. Any suggestions about that,too?

(just about to start SS2 :) )
Sep 20, 2005
my suggestion would be to act as if you are hosting your own catalog show (because you can make it one with no problem) and set it up that way then make your online guest list and send the e-vites out. you can also go to your closed shows and send e-vites to the guest lists from each of those shows....hope this helps.