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Pampered Chef: Angel foo delight ??

  1. natural

    natural Member Gold Member

    Has anyone made this? I am a little concerned that this will be runny..what have you found? :
    Angel Food Delight (cont.)

    Directions: 1. Prepare jell-o and pudding according to package, set aside
    2. Cut angel food cake in half, then cut one half into 1inch
    pieces, arrange in bottom of trifle bowl
    3. Pour ½ of the jell-o (jell-o will not be completely set, you
    want the jell-o to be a little liquidy)
    , then pour half of the
    pudding over the jell-o, half of the cool whip
    4. Cut the other half of angel food cake into 1 inch square
    5. Repeat with the remaining ingredients

    Jan 7, 2010
  2. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Legend Member Gold Member

    I think what it's supposed to do is soak into the cake.
    Jan 7, 2010
  3. whiteyteresa

    whiteyteresa Veteran Member

    This is a great recipe

    I have a cousin who makes different ones all the time.

    Here is her recipe that I typed up for her family and friends

    print it out on a blank 4 x 6 index card

    Attached Files:

    Jan 7, 2010
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