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An Under $10 List???


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May 24, 2005
I had an idea and wanted to throw this one out there and see what you all think.

I was thinking of putting together an under $10 list. Lately I've been running into the misconception that EVERYTHING PC sells is expensive. So I thought if I put together that list it could do two things for my sales #1- Let those people who don't want to spend a lot know what's available #2 Let those who are spending a lot know what great things they can add to their order for under $10

Does anyone else do anything similar???

Does anyone see any negatives with this??



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Sep 7, 2005
thought of the same thing

Hi I am a future pc consultant and was thinking of the same thing or to at least let the guests know that I counted 115 items that were $10 or less! First maybe asking who thought PC products were kind of expensive? Well did ya know that 70% of our product was under $15 (was something I read on one of the posts). Something along those lines at my future shows.
let me know what you came up with?

Heather I (future pc gal)


Apr 20, 2005
Here is a product list, separated into price categories. I have found this to be helpful when people say "PC is expensive". You can quickly point out everything under $10 ($15, etc.) Hope this helps.

Dawn Trudell
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Fort Wayne, IN


  • Fall 05 Product List by Price.doc
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Sep 25, 2005
I think that is a great idea! I was actually doing the same thing lastnight. I was doing it more for myself but your idea is really great too! I was simply trying to make a list of items that I may want to use as gifts for games that I will play at parties. I don't want to go overboard with my gifts so I thought that would be a great way to keep track of what I can use! :)


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May 24, 2005
under $10

Thank you for the list im doing the taste of home cooking school on thurs and on my business cards i put book a show by jan31 2006 and recieve a free gift what i was going to do was a show 150-300 i would let them pick around a $5 dollar gift 301-600 they could do a $10 gift and anything above a $15 dollar gift that way im not going over board but hopefully the hostess will go for the higher show wanting a free gift
Apr 27, 2005
Wonderful Price List!

Thanks Dawn for all of your hard work on that list. It's a great list to have especially for those people that are on a budget. Great Post Thanks again! :)