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Pampered Chef: All of my team members are active!

  1. crystalscookingnow

    crystalscookingnow Senior Member Gold Member

    Wow - all 6 of my active team (5 direct, 1 non-direct) have submitted shows this month. I'm really excited for them! I have one that only turns shows in during Feb & Aug so that she remains a consultant. It used to be so that she could re-activate :)grumpy:) and purchase samples but that's not allowed anymore (I'm actually happy about that part! It's not fair to get to buy samples at 1/2 price when you haven't done anything for 6 months).

    KUDOS to my team for all being green this month!!
  2. Sheila

    Sheila Legend Member Gold Member

    :D Congratulations!!! :D
    Dec 16, 2009
  3. chef131doreen

    chef131doreen Veteran Member Gold Member

    me too all 7 put in a show wow now that will be great if I can help them do that EVERY month
    Dec 16, 2009
  4. JAE

    JAE Legacy Member

    Your hard work is paying off. Great job!

    Dec 16, 2009
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