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Pampered Chef: Alittle bumed out

  1. milkangel

    milkangel Advanced Member

    I thought that i was getting to where i wanted to be int he biz and on top of it all but now i am still trying to get ahold of 2 people that is doing a cooking show but i can not. i now changed one to catalog because she is so busy and now wants to wait on becoming aconsultant. i have nothing for June but might have 2 but need to call. I so do not wan to lose my sales and go inactive. now it seems as if it again is not working out for me again. i do not know what to do. thanks
    May 7, 2009
  2. c00p

    c00p Veteran Member Gold Member

    The wonderful thing about this business is that you can absolutely pick it up when you need to. The phone IS your friend!!!! I see that you've been doing PC for a year now, so you are bound to have a plethora of contacts. Start with customer care/out-of-the box calls to those people. See how they are liking their products, do they need any other items, would they like a catalog, would they consider helping you by hosting a catalog or cooking show, etc. Those kinds of calls are always worth-while. As for the 2 hosts that you are trying to get ahold of, don't give up hope.....but don't put all of your eggs in one basket either. Meaning you don't want to waste all of your time and energy on something that may not pan out for you. It's still very, very early in May and there IS plenty of time to book shows towards the end of the month. Encourage people to book for Help Whip Cancer.......or simply to showcase the DCB with fast, yummy and budget-friendly meals. Get your calendar filled up first, THEN worry about recruiting. Still continue to ask, but don't make that your focus until your calendar is where you want it. Don't stop making the calls until you are booked out as far as you want. Personally, I've got bookings all the way into November already. That's future business baby!!!! Just hang in there and keep your chin up and PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!! You can do it!!
    May 7, 2009
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