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Alignment for receipts in PP

Apr 5, 2005
I've always had this problem, and just now decided to try and fix it, to no avail. When I print receipts in PP (under reports to print the entire show), the "page 1 of 1" ends up printing ON the PC logo, and the bottom two-liner about PP prints ON the 'save this receipt' line...I could find anywhere to change the alignment of anything...and suggestions?


Novice Member
Apr 11, 2005
Don't have the answer, but...

I contacted tec support with this same problem. They said there is a way to fix it but it require changing the properties and would run the chance of causing other problems with my computer! Yikes... They did say that they are working on it and were hoping to have it fixed before the spring change over. Obviously they didn't make it, but maybe for the fall...



Jan 7, 2005
problems printing host receipts

I'm really not too thrilled with the newest PP program. I don't like having to hit the line to see the next customer. When I have a show with more than three guests I get frustrated! Does this happen to anybody else? It seems like the screen is really W I D E but too short to get all the information. Then the worst part is that when it comes time to print out the host receipt I just cant because the "print" button is burried under my scroll bar. This has happend continually since I installed the newest PP program. What can be done? :mad:


Mar 29, 2005
According to tech support, you have to change your screen settings to 1024 x 768. I was having the same problem with the print option, so now when I go into PP, I change my settings from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768. I switch back to 800 x 600 after I am done. Hope this helps with the print button, can't help on the alignment though.

Paula in TN