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Advice to make this wonderful welcome!

Feb 4, 2006
Well, tonight is the kickoff to my fundraiser. I have a very motivated group of women and I'm really looking forward to working with them. I just really want to make this AWESOME.

Its for a relay for life team but instead of it being just the team members, its the whole group including those who couldn't or wouldn't walk.

So far, I made up packets for each of them. In each packet there are outside order forms, invite flyers, the special information for the next few months, a flyer for those booking shows off this, a HWC order form, a letter to the participants, a lapel pin, and of course the catalog.

I have outlined how they can use the website to promote the event (catalog and cooking show). I have covered the incentives. I have made an emphasis on getting at least $1000 per woman and how EASY it will be for them to do so.

Do you think a progress chart of some sort could be helpful? Maybe a thermometer we can color a block of pink every time they get another $500? Or a white board with each participants name where they can log in their sales, booking interest, RSVPs?

I am getting their names, phone numbers and email addresses at the kickoff. That way I can send them any updates as necessary and also send encouragement each week.

Any ideas to really make this work is greatly appreciated. I'd LOVE for this to be beyond my dreams even....beyond THEIR dreams even!


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005

You sound so organized! I hope it goes well. I know, personally, I would be overwhelmed with the thought of getting $1,000 in sales. Perhaps that would make me not even try because it is so beyond my reach so don't emphasize that too much unless you think that's what they really want. Maybe focusing on the number of people they need to talk to or the number of orders they need to get would help break it down to be a bit more obtainable.

Also, maybe the ladies could ask for donations from people who didn't want to order anything. I know this doesn't help your commission but it makes it a successful fundraiser in their eyes. Good luck....BEE