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Advice for New Consultant

Jan 27, 2006
I am new to Pampered Chef! I had my first show at $672!!!! I am so excited to be part of such a great business! I wanted to find out if anyone had any advice as to how to generate bookings at cooking shows! I would appreciate any advice at all!
Thanks so much!


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Sep 7, 2005
just have fun!

My first month of shows I got zero bookings because I think I was too uptight and nervous. After that I relaxed and got comfortable and the bookings are now consistent, I believe because I have fun and they do too! I have tried booking incentives but dont' get any more than when I don't offer something extra. So my advice enjoy your self, have fun and they will to and want to book a show! :D


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Feb 17, 2006
Congrats on your first show, how exciting! Bribing does often work, but I believe that if you relax and have fun it is infectious and other people will want to have the same fun too! Keep the energy and excitement and all will go well.

Good luck with show #2!


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Jan 17, 2006
Offer Free Stuff!!

Yes as much as we would like to think our having fun and showing off the PC stuff will infect the whole crowd and then everyone will book a show, or even just a few the only time I get bookings is because of the HOST Benefit where my host gets their host monthly special. My hosts do most of my bookings before the show!!
I'm not knocking that fun show idea either, I have had some ladies do a show because they love to entertain. But FREE stuff really gets them motivated.
Also when I am in need of bookings I offer an incentive (with a certain amount of sales!) and they get it after their show!!
I have asked the ladies in the crowd to make a list of things they would get if money were no object. Then I ask around the room. They tell me things like the cookware set, stoneware pieces, Chef's knives, etc... and then I take them to the back of the catalog and explain host benefits. I ask them to look at the column under kitchen show and then go on to tell them what they get as a host! Some are amazed at the great benefits and I tell them that an order averages $30 but others are far higher so at $30 if you can find 20 friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, parents at PTA, etc to order they will have a $600 show. Then I go on to tell them how much FREE stuff that is, 1/2 price items, and their discount. I always get one booking or someone really interested at every show. I also mention that we usually have a FREE item for the guest just like today and I go on to tell the guest special (MArch doesn't have one so I make my own FREE offer per $50 purchase) and that is a great incentive for people to order at least $60!
It will pick up. Just give yourself a chance to get comfortable!!