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Adjustment question



I had a show in mid January and the host accidentally ordered a wrong item. HO was happy to exchange it. They even sent a p/u from UPS so the host didn't have to pay postage. BUT, it appears that they haven't shipped out the replacement item yet, even though they indicate on the website that they received the old item on 1/31.

How long does this usually take? I am going to call tomorrow, but it sure seems like 2 weeks is enough time.

It would show up on my account under adjustments, right? (I facilitated the adjustments for the show and the other two are showing.)

Sep 6, 2005
I would definately call. I had a product adj in December. A customer's food chopper was broken. UPS picked up the broken one on a Thursday. On Tuesday, I checked shipping status and the new one had been sent out. I received the new on on Thursday.


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Oct 6, 2005
Exchanges can take 2-3 weeks.

The food chopper situation was a broken item problem and they take care of those faster.

When you exchange one item for a different item or request a refund, it takes longer.


Just wanted to update you that I did call HO this morning and apparently they didn't send out the exchange because the host didn't include a copy of her receipt. I was kind of disappointed they didn't get in touch with either of us to let us know that that was necessary! (The original rep I talked to didn't mention anything about the receipt...)

Anyway, I faxed them a copy and hopefully that'll take care of it!

Thanks for your help.


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Sep 13, 2005

can actually take 6-8 weeks! I was told this by home office today! I had a similar situation in DECEMBER! She returned the product at the end of December and just received her new product today! Wow they really need to work on that turn around time! :mad: