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Adjustable Measuring Spoons

Apr 5, 2005
Question on the adjustable measuring spoons...
It's really hard for me to sell these! I have them, and I don't really find them that convenient at all. They don't fit into the spice containers, or even into the bottles of the PC spices once you've taken then lids off.
I was using them at a show last night, and had to try and quicky shake the spice into the measuring spoon so no one saw that it really doesn't fit. I did play up that they new versions of these spoons do have the rubber slide so they hold liquids better, and people seemed to like that.
Any suggestions?


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Jan 21, 2005
Use them to learn to love them

When I have a tool that I'm not thrilled with or am not sure about I just use others and don't use them at a show unless I NEED to. If someone asks about them I ask if anyone of the other guests have used them and let them talk about it. If no one says anything I just parrot what the catalog says about it and say that we have over 250 tools in our line and that's just not one I've used very much or something similar.

I have used the adjustable spoons and like them for some things and not for others. I talk about the things I like to use them for and that there are only 2 for all the different sizes. If someone mentions issues like you measure I honestly say that I do have other measuring spoons in my kitchen for some other uses but these do work for most. I only volunteer that kind of information if I'm pressed. That being said, I do make myself use products that aren't my favorites and I usually find that after a while I DO learn to like them! For instance I didn't like the adjustable scoop at all before but now I find that I reach for it a lot more lately for LOTS of reasons!
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Feb 7, 2005
Great Tip!!!

I have also found this to be an issue for me, but not anymore!!! I use the smaller adjustable spoon, which fits in the spices, and spoon the spice into the larger adjustable spoon!! (I do this at home as well as my shows) I have found this to be very helpful in front of my guests-I don't show frustration with the product!! I have also emphasized to my guests, that I use the older style for all of my dry ingredients, and the newer style for all of my liquid measurements. This way they don't feel they have to get rid of the older style!!!! Hope this helps!!!

Dawn Schreiber
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Apr 11, 2005
I agree

I agree about selling a product that you are not "in love" with. I personally do love the meas spoons, but I do not care for other products. I simply do not try to sell them. If someone asks about it I tell them the basics, but I will also tell them that I don't use it and why. I would rather be honest than sell something and then have the customer call me saying they don't like it either and want help useing it. Sometimes people buy it anyway and it works for them and sometimes not. Just my opinion...


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Feb 3, 2005
I totally agree with Michelle....I tell people about the features if they ask, but I also tell them it is not on my favorite list and why. Whenever anyone asks about the spritzer, I tell them how they can use it, but it is not one of my favorites because it clogs for me.
Jun 8, 2005
Another use

I use my measuring spoons for measuring medicine for my children, something I do find them useful for. Maybe if you can think of good "extra" uses, you can mention them during your show instead of trying to feel enthusiastic about a product that just doesn't "do it" for you.