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Accent decorator spewing


Novice Member
Apr 22, 2005
My Easy Accent decorator is spewing out the seams! :eek: I have had it for a few years & never used. So when I signed up to be a consultant, I wanted to learn how to use. Well I put some cool whip in it, put on a tip and squeezed, and it also was squeezing out thread between the tip holder & barrel. Has this product improved over the past couple years where there is threads to hold on the tip? Mine doesn't "thread" on, it just turns & clicks.


Apr 22, 2005
On the replacement parts list, it shows a date on the Easy Accent Decorator as being for ones sold AFTER 1/2/02....I am wondering if you purchased your decorator before this date? And also, if it was re-designed- possibly due to problems like you are experiencing? Just some thoughts...