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Pampered Chef: Academy Awards Pampered Chef show

  1. I am doing a show on the day of the Oscars and am looking for ideas for food to make and fun names to call the food just for that day. I am already working on an Oscar trivia quiz but want to know what other ideas are out there. Has anyone done a similar show in past years?
  2. afshea

    afshea Member

    Rolling out the REd Carpet for our new products

    I am doing a pre-Oscar party that day. The theme is rolling out the red carpet for our new products. I really haven't specified the things that I am making, but we will be doing a celebrity game. Everyone will get a sticker on their back with a famous actress/actor. Now, I'm thinking, Glenn Close...the knife in Fatal ATtraction, Janet Leigh...again..that whole shower knife thing. Hmm...one I think about it, I'm sure that I'll come up with some non-murderous ones. People will put their names in a drawing when they come in (not the door prize slips though) When it's time to draw a winner, I will pull out FIVE names...those are the nominees. Then we'll choose one winner...and they'll have to give an acceptance speech. I am also going to set up a table with the "retiring" products. It will be draped in black and I'll do a very somber "In memoriam" just like they do for the actors and actresses who die during the year. I will post more as I pull it all together. Oh..I am also having a Mary Kay lady there...she's going to be doing glamour eyes on people.

    It's going to be a riot!
    Feb 25, 2006
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