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About to join PC

Jun 11, 2005
I am about to join Pampered Chef, but I'm still very reluctant. Part of it is because I don't fully understand how everything works, and part of it is because the only stories I hear are about successes. I would like to hear some of people's "horror stories" so I can weigh the pros and cons.

Does anyone have any stories about the downside of Pampered Chef?

I'm still willing to give it a try, but I think I would feel more comfortable with my decision if I could get some honest feedback from people.

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
Well, let's see... horror stories...Hmm, I've been a consultant (now a future director) for a year July 1st. I've had one credit card payment from a customer that had to be sent through twice; I had to send my husband to a neighboring town to pick up a check from a host because the post office sent it back to her instead of on to me; last week of June I took a vacation--even from PC--and when I turned my calendar page to July I saw I'd made a big mistake by not coaching even during my vacation so I had to reschedule 2 shows for later this month...

I think that's not too horrible for 1 year! What do you think!?


Mar 29, 2005
Hi Carrie,

If you cruise the boards you will find several threads about our horror stories. :eek: There are threads on not making monthly goals, low show sales, and bad experiences with hostesses. But, you will also notice this board is a great source of support.

If you didn't have some trepidation, then you wouldn't be taking this seriously enough. You recognize this isn't some "pie-in-the-sky" get rich quick scam. It is a serious business. And you can make of it what you want. It may not happen all at once (it sure isn't for me ;) ), but you always have something new to glean from it.

Not sure if this is what you want, but feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] . I would also love to work with you if you haven't been recruited by someone else already!

Paula in TN


Apr 22, 2005
I think that it's awesome that you are a person that will not blindingly accept what you hear- this will probably make you a great consultant b/c people will believe what you say b/c you have tested, questioned, and believe, too.

I would suggest that instead of Pro's and Con's to joining PC, maybe ask yourself a few questions to see what are your personal and professional goals.
Why do I want to become a PC Consultant and what do you want to get out of it: To meet and interact with people? To pay a particular bill? To earn a ton of money? To earn/purchase awesome kitchen products? To take advantage of my strengths in sales, communication, organizational skills, etc.? And conversely, to learn how to develop sales, communication, organizational skills, etc.? To cook and/or teach because I love doing it? To take advantage of tax breaks? Do I see myself doing this 2 months from now? 2 years?

Personally, the downside of Pampered Chef has been my own limitations and fears. I have struggled with show sales, bookings, host coaching...but, just like any job, there are going to be people who keep commitments & people who don't; days where you're on the top of your game & days that you aren't; results that are successful & results that won't be as successful...your business will have ups and downs. Adjust accordingly, take advantage of the resources available to you (director, recruiter, this website, training materials from PC) and don't give up when the going gets tough b/c the rewards are exciting- both the tangibles & intangibles.

I am learning so much about myself as a PC Consultant, and I love it. Good luck and God Bless!!



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Oct 5, 2004

I've been with PC almost 5 years now and I think that in itself is a surprise to my husband and my director!

I started my business at a tough time in my life. I was entering my forties and struggling with depression. The first three months of my business, I had very little direction or support and I wondered if I could keep my promise of staying in the business for a year (that was my own personal goal). I set up tables at some local fairs and flea markets, 2 of my first shows were at my own house and somehow or other, I got my business off the ground. Another part of my own personal goal was to take advantage of whatever training opportunity came my way and for me, that had to include National Conference. Attending conference was a big turning point for me - the excitement and motivation got me pumped up to have a great fall season. I make it a point to attend every year.

That's not to say I haven't had my ups and downs. I moved my business 2 years ago. The transition was difficult, but mostly because of our living situation while we built our new home. I am just beginning to feel that my schedule is on the right track because I can focus on my business, rather than on settling into our new area. I still struggle with phone fear, although I am working hard to overcome that again by listening to the great audio cds our Home Office provides. I know that I want to go further in this business and I am re-dedicating myself to what needs to be done (i.e. better customer care and follow-up) to make that happen.

I believe that we can all do well in this business, if we follow the training and guidelines set out by home office. Sometimes this comes naturally to some consultants, many others like myself find that we need to work on it a little harder. The best part is that you can make this business what YOU want it to be, whether that means shooting for the stars or just staying active enough to get a discount on the products. In the end, if you love the products and let that be your starting point, everything else will follow in time. As you see, there is great support to be found on this board (and many others)!

Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to speak further.

Best regards,

Mary - PA
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Jun 7, 2005
There are plenty pros but only one con, in my opinion. The con depending how you interpret it is, that you are responsible for your own success. If it were easy, everyone would be a PC consultant.
Like some one replied what are you goals.

To do well you will need to be creative, self-motivated, organized, and excited about the opprotunity.
Jun 11, 2005
thank you for the feedback

thanks to everyone who replied to my "looking for horror stories" posting. Your perspectives were very helpful and I'm able to make a more informed decision