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? about pampered partner


Mar 9, 2006
Is there a way to email customers / prev hosts thru pp? I put all the info in there from the order form....but now i'm wondering why...cause i really didn't see a way to email them thru the program....:confused:


You can email from PP

Call up the contact you want to send an email to. On the contact management screen there is an email button; look on the lower left corner. Your computer must be set up to allow you to send an email, if you use something like Outlook you will probably have no issues with this.

PP has a decent help search. Go to Help on the upper right, then Search for help on... you can type in your search to find info.



Dec 28, 2005
I've noticed that when I enter a hostess's e-mail and submit her show, HO will send her an e-mail, CC'ing me on it, with the tracking information, and also will automatically send her a reminder when her 1 year discount is about to expire.


Novice Member
Jan 24, 2006
Here is the PP user guide info:

Sending Email Through PamperedPartner®

While in PamperedPartner®, you can send an email message directly from Contact Management. For additional information on emailing through Contact Management, refer to Chapter 3 Entering a Contact’s Information.
You also have the ability to email the Monthly Sales Diary as a Text or HTML attachment. Refer to Chapter 7 Monthly Sales Diary for steps on emailing this report.
Before you can use this feature, you must configure PamperedPartner® to work with your email program. Continue with the links below to set up PamperedPartner®.

Hope this helps!


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
If you have a personal website you can send e-mails from there as well. All you have to do is put whatever you want to say in it and PC sends it. It looks really professional. This time of year they also have a pink template to e-mail customers. Hope this helps!

Gillian Wright