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About Conference Wear


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May 20, 2005
Okay, I have a question for all of you who have been to conference several times. My director says that there are some events where we have to dress very nice and then she says that at one of them we will be doing crazy stuff so not to wear anything you can't play around in (or something like that), like dont' bother with hose while we're there, wear sandals or something very comfortable because we will be doing a lot of walking not heels. I was wondering if anybody carries their nice shoes with them, I mean I would feel wierd wearing a nice dress or whatever and then you look down and :eek: ooooohhhhh, ok!?


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Jan 21, 2005
Most of the time you have time to go back to your hotel to change for the evening event. If you are "walking" - new director, TPC... - you might want to dress nicer for that so, what I'm doing is putting a more comfortable pair of shows in my bag for that day in case I need them.

You definately want to wear shoes that don't hurt your feet during the day!! You will be walking and sometimes at a good clip. :p
Feb 22, 2005
It is hard when you have never been to know what is appropriate to wear. Beth is right. Anytime there is something special that you may want to dress up for, you will be able to go back to your hotel to change. Wear casual clothes for daytime activities and very comfortable shoes. Anything going on that you may want to dress up for you can wear dressy shoes, heals, etc because we will be sitting down for those things for the most part.

Last year was my first year and I had made it a goal to walk as a new Director this year. I was excited to think that I would go shopping for something FANCY to walk in. After watching the walk last year, I realized that it was so not about the clothes for most people. A few dressed to the nines but most were dressy but comfortable.

I am proud to say that for all of the special events this year I was able to get a couple of nice summer dresses on clearance for $17.00 each. I am thrilled!! Now shoes are another story ;) .

Anyway, just remember no jeans or shorts but other than that, wear what is comfortable for you and BE EXCITED!!


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Feb 3, 2005
Bring clothes that you will be comfortable in all day. You will be doing a lot of sitting and a lot of walking. DON'T wear shoes that give you blisters.

Bring 2 pair of shoes even if you have a pair you KNOW don't give you blisters. I brought one pair of sandels last year that never give me a problem...until my feet swelled a bit from the flying. BLISTER CITY!

You don't need to dress up too fancy for any of the evening events. If you are a director, you have to wear black for the event, but other than that, bring a casual dressy something.