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A show open too long! help

Jul 22, 2004
I did a kitchen show about 40 miles away and was told I would get the outside orders after the show a week later. I was told I would get them this day and that over and over again. If they would have just mailed it I would have had it a week ago. See, the host's mom works with my wife and she has promised I would have them. She failed to deliver about 5 times. I called the host yesterday and she told me she had to wait till her neighbor gets home to get the last order. The show is open for 15 days and she is still "waiting" for orders?! I really want to call her and tell her to get off her "Jerry Springer" butt and mail the damn thing. When I suggested she mailed it she says, "oh, I will meet with my mom today and she'll get it to you". Could this be a case where the host takes and spends the people's money and is just waiting to get payed to cover it? Does that happen a lot? This was my 7th show. What "no exceptions" policy could I use that wouldn't sour a client relationship? I don't want to burn any bridges to better hosts.


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef Show won't close

I've had shows open much longer than that. We can't do much but try and get the $$$. We only have so much control. IF she get's a host bonus then it will have to be in by the 15th or she will lose them. Your director might have some good ideas.


Aug 13, 2004
I always have the checks made out to me. I always give a closing date and let the host know that is how they get their closing points. Another tip is to make sure all outside orders are collected before the show.Also, remind the host that it is unfair to keep her guests who have already ordered waiting so long for their orders. It makes everyone look bad.


I had a show open for two months because the hostess wouldn't return my calls.

Whenever I would go to her home (pretty far out of the way) she would turn off her lights and pretend she wasn't home.

Then, she called me out of the blue, and when I didn't call her back within about an hour, she called home office and complained about me.

*sigh* what really was horrid was that was my second show. So not only did I not get any leads (she told her friends it was -my- fault) but now I have to work off this reputation as a bad Consultant.


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Aug 13, 2004
I don't give them the option to close later than the date originally agreed upon. For example, if their show is on Saturday, they close on Wednesday or if their show is on Thursday, they close on Sunday. Maybe an additional 2-3 day exception, but that's it. I figure if they are serious enough to reach their (or our) goal, they will do all that they can to achieve it. If they are waiting on one or two people, I suggest booking another kitchen or catalog show to add their orders. I don't want to hold back on the other guest/customer orders especially if they are eligible for a free gift with purchase or discounted guest special.