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A Place to Brag!


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Sep 13, 2005
Hello everyone!! I just had to start a new thread for everyone to share their goals and accomplishments with us!

I will start...I have my first FUTURE DIRECTOR on my team!! Her first month was December! She is wonderful!! I also have a new team member that signed yesterday who signed a friend today!!! :D

I am so excited, as my goal is to be an Advanced by Leadership 2007...this puts me on my way!


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Apr 12, 2005
Congrats Marlene!!! I hope you reach your goal. Mine is to make director so I can walk at National Conference. Good Luck to you from one Bauman to another!! ;)


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Nov 3, 2005
That's great Marlene! I have a goal to be director by December, but my director's goal is to be by July 1st ( I hope she is right). That will be awesome if you could make advance by leadership, congrats on your team building. :D :D