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A Kid's Pampered Chef Show

Feb 16, 2005
I'm the VP of local Moms at Home Club and got an idea to get my moms together for a party. A Kids Pampered Chef show. I made up a postcard to email out to my friends and give to my son's classmates.

My only problem :confused: ...the recipes. Does anyone have any good, effortless recipes for ages 2 - 6 that will show off PC tools?

Thanks for the help


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May 6, 2005
To be honest, there won't be a ton of kids recipes you can do that show off lots of tools. In my kids' shows, I give moms a list of great kid-related products with their catalog when I hand them out. I try to do a nice display of products that the moms can see. My main objective for these shows is that the kids have fun. REALLY do some follow up with the moms afterwards if they feel it's too hectic to sit down and look at the catalog. sometimes I've had that happen and the host follows up with them to see if they'd like to place an order.

They are fun shows, but definitely hectic! Usually I'll have the kids do a recipe or two from "Let's Eat" the kids cookbook. Sometimes I'll do a recipe for the moms. Other times, the host has ordered pizza for the moms. It really all depends on what you want to do! Have a great time!
Mar 7, 2005
pizza and cookie kisses

I have done one kids cooking show and it was a HUGE success. I made mini pizzas with about 12 kids. I was previously a teacher for K and 1st grade so it was A LOT of fun for me. I started off by giving each child (ages 3-7) a paper plate, they then sprinkled flour on it using the flour sugar shaker. As the first one went and passed it down I talked and started handing out pizza dough. Sent the sugar'flour shaker around again to sprinkle the top, then I passed around the bakers roller to flatten it, measuring tablespoon with sauce, deluxe cheese grater and they opened their own mozzarella sticks but I put it in and then they turned it. Then we used the egg slicer plus and sliced olives and talked about other squishy foods that could go in it. Kids that didn't want the olives sliced them for fun then put it next to their pizza. We used creative cutters on pepperoni. I then peeled the mozzarella sticks into shredded pieces and made their initial so we could tell them apart, placed them on some stoneware and in about 15 minutes they had pizza. We then made lemonade in the family size quick stir pitcher. Moms love the no mess factor of it. Then we did a silly game to release some energy "CHEF hOKEY POKEY" "PUT YOUR RIGHT HAND IN AND CHOP WITH IT ALL ABOUT" Then we moved onto dessert, cookie kisses in the mini tart pan. The kids unwrapped the hershey kisses, moms marvaled at the utilty knife cutting through the ready made cookie dough, spritz pan with spritzer, put dough in tart pan, kids used tamper then put their cookie in place. So easy and moms love the tart pan. I sold 4 pitchers out of 5 moms, 3 graters. It was a great experience I would definitely do it again. And like with all guests, some watch and listen and others chat away, the kids were all awesome! One kid loves his strawberries on his cereal, mom bought 2 so both boys could do their own!!! It turned out to be an $850 show. Good Luck!


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Nov 17, 2005
The flyer looks great. It would look even better if the "Your" were corrected to "You're". ;)

As for easy ideas:
Bar Pan - brownies, pankakes, jello, whatever -kids use Cookie Cutters and/or Creative Cutters to make shapes.

Cut-n-seal - make pocket sandwiches

Fruit salad - kids use Egg Slicer Plus and My Safe Cutter to cut bananas, strawberries, kiwis; use Apple Wedger and MSC to add apples, pears, etc
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Mar 26, 2005
School Lunch Shopping List

This is from a few years back, so recheck the items to see if any are discontinued, but it is a great resource for moms to use products for their kids.


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