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A Hero's Welcome


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Mar 17, 2006
I know that several of you have friends or family members serving overseas, some of you have even lost them :( . This is a link to a local soldier who came home for the final time earlier this month. It is an awesome and interesting view from one of the police escorts. It is so heart-warming to see how many came out to support Sgt. Beale's family and pay their respects to him.

Remember to thank our Service Men and Women when you see them. Freedom ISN'T FREE! Thank you Sgt. Beale, and many others. Have a tissue handy and even if you are not from GA you should watch this.

A Hero's Salute - Staff Sgt. John Beale


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Oct 19, 2008
As I sit her with my 18 month old in my arms, crying my eyes out this truely reminds me that Freedom is NOT Free. I am truely grateful for the sacrifice that he and other troops have made and continue to make. God Bless our Troops.


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Oct 17, 2008
Thanks so much for sharing! Sadly not everyone is as supportive of our troops as this community obviously was of this man. This is a beautiful tribute.


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Jun 1, 2007
I can hardly stop crying to post a note. My respect and honor goes out to all men and women serving in the military, along with their families for all of their support. Freedom isn't free and we all do need to continue to show our support of those fighting for our freedom and rights. Sgt. Beale will long be remembered by many.


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Sep 23, 2005
My future Son-in-law just got back from Afghanistan, and he is feeling like he should go back- he said it is not fair that he is home, when so many others are still in danger.


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Feb 20, 2006
I would like to share with this my sister but her son is overseas - can't mention where he is - but I think this would upset her too much - just listening to the news is hard on her especially when they mention his location.

The video is a GREAT show of support for ALL SERVICE PEOPLE