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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser A fundaiser question

  1. Good morning ladies, I have a question or a couple for that matter. I started this january and so far so good. I would love to promote fundraisers around the neigborhood. I would love to call first the places that i'm thinking about but i have no clue what type of scripts to use, i have seen the scripts for calling and booking but i cant find one that specifies fundraising. should it or not? also i say calling because i'm a stay at home mom for a 2 year old and although i get out with her (a lot), i can't go inside a business without having to be looking at her and trying to talk the person in charge :rolleyes: i was thinking on calling and asking if i can drop an old catalog but after that i'm blank, a little help please, Thaks in advance =-D
    Mar 12, 2009
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