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A few questions on host orders and my sales


Novice Member
Aug 10, 2005
Lets say I want to get my SS2 bonus. I held a show last night and the show total was around 740, my commissionable sales was less. I haven't gotten the hosts order yet. I was just wondering is what she gets included into my show total for my SS month? Like what she gets for half priced items. Wasnt sure how that worked. I was also wondering what to do if she doesn't want any half priced items.

Can she use her half priced items in her free money in products or does it half to be seperate. Like if she has 100 of free products. Can she use that to pay for a half priced item?

I'm sure its explained, i'm just confused. Anyway, she is expecting one more order with this one. She also had 15 guests, do I have to order the celebrate plate or does she automatically get it?

Hope at least some of this makes sense :confused: Thanks~



Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
She can not use the free product $$ towards her half price. You must enter the celebrate code in or she will NOT get the plate.


Aug 24, 2005
Also her 1/2 price items, host special and free items do not count toward your SS sales...but her discounted amount *does* count.