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Bookings A booking from CC

Jan 10, 2009
I'm so Excited!!! I bit the bullet and did some CC and got one booking. I was really nervous about calling people. I asked how there products were working out for them and if they were getting my monthly new letters with recipes and host specials. I then would mention the the great July special most listened and said maybe in the future. I was running out of people to contact and there it was. Some one was looking to host a party. I have only 1 other for July and have really been struggling to get bookings. Nobody here wants to have parties...at least not anyone I come into contact with. YAY!!
Jun 2, 2009
WTG!!! That is awesome...I'm struggling here too. I think it's just summer and everyone is busy with vacations, sports etc. Hopefully things will pick up for us in the fall


Mar 23, 2009
Awesome! I've been putting it off to but need to bite the bullet as well...wish me luck! I only have one July booking - I pray it sticks!


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Jun 19, 2008
Congrats! Isn't it great when calls pan out! :)

I also had a nice thing happen when I did CC calls the other day. I called this one lady and asked how she was liking her new products and if she needed anything, recipes or whatever. She said she was good. I then asked her if she had an e-mail address and if she'd like to get my monthly newsletters and she said yes. Then she said that she'll probably have something for me in a few months. I asked her what could I do for her, and she said that her town's library is doing a booth type of event/fundraiser and she'd like me to participate. It's $35 for the space, but she said that we are allowed to sell our products and such. Now she's going to get me more info, and we'll see if it'll work. But I was so appreciative of her thinking of me for it and offering it to me. Had I not called....
Jan 10, 2009
Thanks for the support you guys. I was scared but I needed to do the calls.Things are really tight for us and if I could get this business going it would help. So I thought about our need for it and just did it. Nobody yelled at me or was rude... So my lesson for today is that I probably wont be afraid of calling anymore. If I can do it.. you can to just think deep as to why you need or want more business and that'll help you. Let's hoep we all have a GREAT JULY.