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4th month booster kit

Feb 15, 2005
As part of my first month my boyfriend hosted a catalog show. He actually got me alot of free products, which he so generously gave to me ;) The thing I would like to avoid is ordering duplicate items. So I need to know what will be available to me in the 4th month booster package. This way I don't order stuff I want now, and have the choice to buy it later. I would rather buy what isn't in the booster now, and then get the booster later. Make sense? I hope so. So If you could help me with an inventory, or estimate of items in this booster.. I would appreaciate it SOOO much. TIA


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Feb 14, 2005
As far as I know, and I may be wrong because I am new myself, the 4th month you can buy at 40% off. I don't think there is a particular booster package for your 4th month. There are packages you can buy for the new Spring products. Also, in April, all consultants can purchase items at 40%off. It is called your Kitchen enhancement month. Hope this helps, and if I am wrong I hope someone gets you the right information.
Blessings :D


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Jan 21, 2005
Kit Enhancement

In your fourth month (or fifth if the fourth is in April) you can order one of anything that you could not have earned in the first 3 months including the starter kit products for 40% off up to a $500 value.

All consultants can order one of ANYTHING in April for 40% off up to $500 value.

This information is on page F7 of your Recipe for Success.


Adding to products

Another option is to purchase items on a host's order (ask for permission first). You would obviously try to do it when the host is getting 30% discount. That way, you get a 30% discount, PLUS commission, and it goes towards your monthly totals.

Just something to think about... :)


Mar 26, 2005
Need clarification

The Kit Enhancement month that is in April, is that open to ALL Consultants, even in their Super Stater months?? I am just confused, because my 1st official month is April, so my letter from the Office states the first month I can get the 40% off products (I guess what you ladies are calling the "booster month") is July. Are we allowed to get the 40% off twice, utilizing the April Kit enhancement month and also utilizing the 4th month booster??


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Feb 2, 2005
YES! , take advantage of both of those months. That is an added bonus for 1st year consultants. When I started the super starter months was 6 months not 4 and if your 7th month fell in April your "booster" month was May, so you still got 2 different months. I am assuming it is the same now. So, if any of you are having your 4th month is April, check and see if you still get to wait till May for that booster supply order.

Shawnna Nixon