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40% off products in April



Does anyone know the specifics of this yet? Do we get 40% off all products or just certain ones? I'm really looking forward to getting some stuff that I've been drooling over and wanted to know what I can and can't get at the discount.
Thank you!


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Feb 4, 2006
All active Consultants can purchase products from the entire line at a 40% discount during kit enhancement month, which occurs each April.
-Only one kit enhancement order is allowed per Consultant during April.
-The retail value of items ordered, before discount cannot exceed $500.00.
-Kit enhancement order cannot be combined with any other order.
-Only one quantity of any item may be purchased during kit enhancement month.
-Guest & Host Specials may not be ordered on kit enhancement order
-Gift Certificates may not be ordered on a kit enhancement order.

New Consultants are allowed an additional kit enhancement month in their 4th full month. If your SS kit enhancement month would be April it will be assigned to May instead. For this kit enhancement, you may not purchase any items in your original starter kit or earned in the SS program.

To place a kit enhancement order:
-Fill out a sales receipt, and total the retail amount.
-Deduct the 40% discount from the product total only (before tax/shipping and handling).
-Add $4.00 shipping and handling.
-Calculate sales tax on the discounted amount (plus shipping and handling if applicable in your state).
-Check the "Kit Enhancement" box on the form (which I looked for and cannot find. It was on the fall/winter forms but not the spring/summer:confused: )
-Send the sales receipt with payment to the Home Office. Payments may be by Consultant's personal check, money order, PC Dollars, The PC Visa Card or the PC Debit Card.

Paperwork/supply, kit enhancement and personal orders may be submitted via PP or paper.

I got this straight from Recipe for Success "Policies & Procedures" page F-8 and F-9

Hope this helps!!:D