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30 Minute Meal


Gold Member
Feb 4, 2006
Hey Everyone!
I have a host who wants a 30 minute meal type of dish for her show which will be at 6:00 in the evening. She's got 3 kids and is super busy so I know she really doesn't have a lot of time..I would prefer to make something in the family sized skillet b/c I just got it and I would love to show it off and I could probably sell some pieces..anyway!! I was wondering if anyone had any good "30 minute meal" suggestions for me! I've been looking at all the recipe websites and my head is spinning! Any help would be great!


Mar 3, 2006
Check out the food network, any show with Rachel Ray. She only dose 30 minute meals. I have made a few of her suggestions and my family loved them. Quick, easy, budget friendly, nutritious, and delicious!


Mar 16, 2006
You know the Seasons Best recipes are all quite simple and quick. I made the Family Size Burrito for my family last night and they loved it. Just serve with salad and it's quick and simple.


Mar 10, 2005
I would say the Family Size Burrito as well. I made that at a show a little while ago and everybody loved it. I just went down to the grocery store and bought one of their roasted chickens from the deli and picked the meat off the bones. It didn't cost much and if your host is busy, that doesn't take as much time as cooking up some chicken on her own.


Novice Member
Apr 21, 2005
Don't use a Rachel Ray recipe at a PC show! Always use our recipes which are alomost always fast to prepare in the home kitchen. Tell your host that our recipes are fast to prepare although prep is slower at show because you are demonstrating to show products to sell.


Gold Member
Nov 17, 2005
You can make a LOT of the PC recipes into a 30 minute meal when you prep ahead. That's one of the things that Rachel Ray does in order to make her meals come within the 30-minute mark - she does the more time consuming items before she starts cooking. She also uses shortcuts such as pre-grated cheeses. Of course, this would mean that you either get to your host early enough to DO the prep, or purchase the ingredients yourself so you can prep at home. :)

When demonstrating our stuff, be sure to prep all but just that little bit used to demo the tool. Be sure to emphasize how prepping ahead - and using the prep bowls for storage - will bring most recipes into the 30 minute mark.

Then again, I'm sure half of the speed of Rachel Ray's meals comes purely from her experience. If I were a chef, I'd be able to throw an involved dish together really quickly, too. ;)


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
The recipe that I have found that is fast, easy and everyone in the family loves is the Taco Ring! Very simple and kids love this dish!