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2006 Spring/Summer Wish List??

Oct 17, 2005
Hi! As of today, the 2005 Fall/Winter Wish List is still displayed on the PC Website. :rolleyes: I sent an e-mail requesting the NEW updated list. Does anyone have a current wish list for this season? Thanks to some WONDERFUL person on this site, I have a couple of awesome ones for last season....sorted by price etc. ;) I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone would share with me...IF they have one. :) Thanks so much!
Shannon Roberts-Musch #458606


Legacy Member
Jul 21, 2005
I also sent them e-mails about when are we going to see the s/s wish lists and recipe locator. Don't know when we will get a response.

I also miss the wish list by price that someone graciously made last season.