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2005 F/W Catalogs....


Sep 26, 2005
I am planning to host a show next month. I have always bought extra catalogs and shared them with my friends, and family. I pass out the catalogs about 2 weeks before the show. That always helps me get atleast a $500 show. I'm not trying to rip anyone off, but I would love to buy 30 fresh new catlogs. I was told that I shouldn't buy any catalogs off of Ebay, and yes, there are some right now for sale on Ebay. But I have not bidded on any. I am trying to take Beth's advice. :D

As I have stated in other threads, I have not been able to get my favorite consultant on the phone. She moved and I am giving her 2 weeks to get in touch with me or I will be using another consultant for my show. I really like her a lot, so I'm trying to be loyal. But since I can't get in touch with her, I thought I would try and get the catalogs ahead of time so that I could start sharing them with my friends and family at the end of the month. So in the end no matter what consultant I end up using, it's a great show. The last show I did was 12/04. I am willing to pay for the catalogs as well as the shipping. I live in Georgia. My zip would be 30753. Shipping them parcel post would be a great help to me. I can pay you via PayPal by credit card.

Any help woud be appreciated, :D However I am not looking to be taken advantage of. Please be honest about the catalogs........
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TriciaAnn :)


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Aug 7, 2005
2005 F/W Catalogs

If you will email me your address, I'll send you a few catalogs. Email me at [email protected]. I'll send them out the day after you email me.