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Pampered Chef: Theme Show $200 for bridal show?

  1. I have the opportunity to have a booth at a bridal show here in Atlanta. It is a small show, they only have 50-100 brides, but have been doing shows around Atlanta for 3 years. They do little games and activities so that the brides go to each vendor in the show. They only allow 2 vendors per category, so there will only be one other registry booth. From those of you who have done this before, is this a good idea? Is $200 too much? Just one $1000 registry would cover that, but is it worth it to take the risk? HELP!!!!
  2. pamperedchef2

    pamperedchef2 Novice Member

    DO IT!!!!!!!! i am spending more than that to do one in Council Bluffs, IA and i bet you have never heard of it the one that i am doing is providing me with a list of the brides but i am giving away a set of stainless bowls and a FREE shower to everyone to enters
    the other thing is think about if you get a new recruit plus showers you will not just get registries
    Feb 22, 2006
  3. nikked

    nikked Senior Member Gold Member

    If you have it...

    I would say spend it! It sounds like this bridal show has a good reputation. I know that any and all fairs I have done have more than paid for themselves in bookings and getting outside that proverbial circle of friends and family!

    That said, you have to balance the cost. Because it is always a gamble. Ask if they have had a TPC person in the past do it. See if you can get their information. If they do a brochure each year, ask for a copy of last year's and contact some of the vendors to see what they thought. Are they doing again? Why or why not?

    Those are just some things I would look at.

    Hope this helps!
    Feb 22, 2006
  4. Repeat vendors

    She said several of their vendors have been with them from the beginning and always have booths at each fair. That's a good sign to me, usually you don't go back somewhere that doesn't give you results.
  5. Great News!

    I just got off the phone with another lady, she said they do still have a spot for me at their fair on March 11th! They only allow one PC vendor, so I will be the ONLY ONE!!!! AND they are only $25 because it is a church doing an outreach. They have invited 250 brides from the county plus they have been advertising in the paper and on the radio. They are a HUGE church! YAY!!! I AM SO EXCITED! (Can you tell?) Now I need to know what I need to have at my booth!
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