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2 shows in 24 hours!!

Feb 7, 2006
Well this past Friday and Saturday were my first 2 shows.
The first was Friday evening, it started at 6:30pm. It was an open house and the 2 ladies putting on had 3 other vendors, Gold Canyon, Southern Living, and some jewerly...and me.
I just set up the table with pretty much everything I had product wise and some stuff I borrowed from my sister. All in all it went well, I just talked to people about what they had, if there was anything they were looking for, and talked about the new Spring stuff.
The next afternoon I had my first Cooking Show at my sisters house. I had already gotten 1 outside order for it, and my sister had 2 more. There were 11 people there. Now what made this show rough was that my sister and my cousin who were there use to sell PC about 5-6 years ago. I went trough my show, made acouple of mistakes, but not too many. After the show my sister and cousin said I didn't do too bad for my first, I covered the tools I used and did some cross selling, so not too bad.
When we were finished I looked at the clock and relised I had done my first 2 shows in 24 hours!
I have 3 people I have to get back with about booking a show, and one lady wanted info on fundraising, so not too bad there.
So far the sales for the 2 shows is a little over $900, and there are still some more outside orders for each one, so this is looking like a good 24 hours.:D


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Apr 13, 2004
Not bad at all

I know the feeling about doing two shows so quickly. You did a good thing for yourself in that one was NOT a demo. Too cool dude! And Congrats on the great $$$!