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2 Questions

Jul 13, 2005
First off... one of my very first shows is scheduled for the last week of August (29th). My question... if my host doesn't close her show until a few days after, we will be in September. Will she still be allowed to get the August host special... and her guests the Aug. special too??

My other question... what is PamperedPerks?


Jul 12, 2005
Hi Maggie!

If your host closes her show in September, she can still receive the August Host Special, and your guests can receive the guest special. You have the entire next month to get a show in for the previous month's specials. For example, if you hold a show on September 1st, you can submit you show as late as October 31st in order for your hostess to receive the September Specials.

As for PamperedPerks, I am unable to access the PC website to see what is under that tab. However, I know that there is an Office Max offer that gives us a discount on certain products and copying. I'd love to give you more info, but again, I am unable to get to the website at this time...maybe someone else can clear this question up for you instead! Sorry!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Pampered Perks is yet another benefit to being a consultant. One side of it the Consultant Investment Program where consulants can participate in things like IRAs and Cash Mangement Programs.

The other side of it is savings at Office Max, especially on copies in the stores. You also get a discount when you purchase office supplies through officemax.com. Not bad!

By the way, you do have within the following month to submit a show, but if you want your host and her guests to receive August specials, even if you submit in September that's ok. Just be sure the show is DATED in PP with an August date.

Hope that helps! :)